Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Update week 4

Hello families! I apologize for not updating more frequently. I have been sick a lot in the last month!  

We have spent time working on our maps of the Pacific Northwest.  We created a relief map showing out of salt dough, and this last week we painted it to show the locations of the 4 major native cultural groups.  One week I was out and the kids were read aloud a PNW native story, Frog Girl, and talked about symbols of colors and totems in PNW art.  They then created their own totem designs. (Thank you to Teacher Christy and Jennifer!)

Coming up this month we are taking a trip to the Washington State History Museum.  In order to save on costs we are not taking an official museum field trip, but are taking advantage of the free third Thursday of the month admission and doing a self-guided field trip.  You should see field trip permission slips coming home next week.  We will be gone 4th hour, and continue on until 3:00 (that’s after the end of co-op).  Families have the choice of coming to the museum and getting free admission as well, to pick up their child, or waiting for us to return to the church.  If you plan to come and pick up your child please make this arrangement with me ahead of time!

Teacher Genne sent me info about a special guest presenter at Ft. Nisqually this Saturday.   Heidi Bohan is the author of one of the books I have been using, and this would be a great time to go and visit Ft. Nisqually.  We have plans to visit later this semester, on a Friday, as an elective activity.  However, new scheduling conflicts have come to light since I made the outline for the class, and I am not sure of the date at this moment.  Perhaps seizing the day and going on this Saturday as a family activity would be worth it.  I am working on a new schedule and will post it to the blog/email it to you ASAP.

~ Ms. Shannon