Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 1

Hello Families!

Welcome to PNW Natural and Cultural History.  In our class we will be covering a lot of both cultural (civics, economics, anthropology, culture, etc) and natural (geology, ecology, geography, etc) history of the Pacific Northwest.  We won’t necessarily proceed in a chronological order, but a thematic order. I will post the weekly schedule in a separate entry.  There are several field trips on the schedule, bolded, some of which are during co-op and some are optional field trips on Fridays or Saturdays.  On these days I would love it if your student, or all of your kids/family could attend.  The schedule is subject to change as I am waiting to hear back from some liaisons about dates. 

Besides field trips we will be doing a lot of hands on projects in class.  We started by generating a list of things which make the PNW a place, distinct from other places.  It is these elements of place, which are directly related to our natural and cultural history, that make life in PNW what it is.  I asked each of the kids to bring, if they choose, a cut out picture or drawing of one of these elements we listed (eg. a salmon, a mountain/volcano, something related to tech-industries here, a Seahawks logo, a lighthouse, an apple or other ag product, a totem pole, etc).  We will put these on a PNW poster, which we will add to through the semester.

We will use histories, maps, stories, artifacts, and even music and video to explore what is the PNW.  This week we will be starting our salt dough maps.  We will finish them next week.  For class this week you will need a willing-to-work attitude, and your cut out picture.

~Ms Shannon

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